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scene I
     In Mantua, Romeo mistakenly believes that his dreams portend good news because he dreamed that Juliet found him dead but revived him with her kisses. Romeo's servant, Balthasar, then reports to Romeo that Juliet has died. Romeo, controlling his grief, makes plans to return to Verona. He offers a poor apothecary a large amount of money to sell him poison illegally. The poison will enable Romeo to be reunited with Juliet in death.
scene II                                 
     Friar Laurence discovers that Friar John, the messenger he sent to Mantua with a letter to Romeo explaining that Juliet is alive, has been quarantined because of an outbreak of the plague and prevented from leaving Verona. Friar Laurence then hurries to the Capulet tomb because it is nearly time for Juliet to wake.
 scene III

         Paris arrives at the Capulet tomb to lay flowers in Juliet's memory. His page warns him that someone is approaching, and they hide in the bushes outside the tomb. Romeo appears with Balthasar and breaks into the tomb on the pretext of seeing Juliet one last time. Balthasar, apprehensive about what Romeo is going to do and fearful of Romeo's wild looks, also hides himself outside the tomb. Paris, believing that Romeo has come to desecrate the bodies in the tomb, confronts Romeo. Romeo tries to warn Paris off, but Paris challenges Romeo and they fight. Paris is wounded and dies. Just before he dies, he begs Romeo to place him in the tomb next to Juliet. Romeo is filled with compassion and grants his wish. Paris' page, who has watched the fight, goes to call the night watchman.




             Romeo is dazzled by Juliet's beauty even in death. Without hesitation, he kisses her, drinks the poison, and dies at her side. A moment later, the Friar arrives and discovers the dead bodies of Romeo and Paris. Juliet then wakens from her death-like sleep and looks for Romeo, saying, "Where is my Romeo?" Upon seeing the bodies of Romeo and Paris, she resolves to remain in the tomb.




            The Friar tries in desperation to convince Juliet to leave as the night watchman approaches, but Juliet refuses. The Friar flees, and Juliet is alone with Romeo and Paris dead at her side. She tries to drink poison from Romeo's vial. Finding it empty, she tries to kiss some poison from his lips. Hearing the night watchman approach, Juliet fatally stabs herself with Romeo's dagger




      The night watchman and the Prince arrive shortly, accompanied by the Capulets and Lord Montague. Lady Montague has died of grief at Romeo's banishment. The Friar faithfully recounts the events of the past week and offers his life in atonement. The Prince acknowledges the Friar's benevolent intent and instead lays the blame for the deaths squarely on Montague and Capulet for their longstanding quarrel. The Prince also blames himself for his leniency and fines Montague and Capulet severely. The two families are finally reconciled as the Prince ends the play by saying, "For never was a story of more woe / Than this of Juliet and her Romeo."

























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Comments (5)

Anonymous said

at 11:50 pm on Jan 2, 2009

This was the best part in the film, poor romeo believed juliet's death and killed himself. It was a great action in the film with cops..

Anonymous said

at 1:15 am on Jan 6, 2009

Shakespeare may be rolling around in his grave after seeing this film...but i liked it :)

Anonymous said

at 3:57 am on Jan 13, 2009

l thınk romeo's suıcıde was not reasonable.romeo could have find a beautiful lady again. there is a saying;one julıet goes,one juliet comes

Anonymous said

at 4:11 pm on Jan 13, 2009

I think Romeo is very impetuous.Everything could have been a bit different if he could think rationally.Their love was not supposed to end like this.I know it is a tragedy...I don't say Romeo is the one to blame.He didn't even know what Juliet and Friar Lawrence were planning.Poor R&G...What can I say? Just...FaTe...:(

Anonymous said

at 8:10 pm on Jan 13, 2009

romeo has weak personality so taht he commits suicide.

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