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Romeo and Juliet ACT IV

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        Paris and the Friar Laurence enter in the Friar's cell to discuss the wedding plans for Thursday.Paris tells the Friar that Capulet hopes to alleviate some of Juliet's grief over Tybalt's death by having the wedding at such a short time.
       Juliet arrives and talks to Paris.She says that she has come to confess to the Friar.The Friar dismisses Paris, and then Juliet begins to tell the Friar why she is there.She says that death is her only answer to this horrible situation.She would rather kill herself than being untrue to Romeo.
 "Or bid me go into a new-made grave

     And hide me with a dead man in his shroud -

     Things that, to hear them told, have made me tremble -

     And I will do it without fear or doubt,

     To live an unstained wife to my sweet love."

      The Friar dissuades her from committing suicide and suggests something else.He gives her a poison and tells her to go home and agree to marry Paris.Then, drink the poison tomorrow night.Thanks to the poison that the Friar gives her,she will seem as if she is dead,so her family will think she is dead,will place her in the family vault.The friar will send a letter to Romeo in Mantua to tell him about all that is to take place,(Romeo will not receive the letter because of an epidemic disease in Mantua).He and the Friar will then meet up at the Capulet vault and watch as Juliet awakens from the fake death.Juliet agrees to take the poison and pray for carriying out the plans succesfully.
     Juliet returns home, she finds Capulet and Lady Capulet preparing for the wedding.She surprises her parents by repenting her disobedience and cheerfully agreeing to marry Paris,and asks for her father's forgiveness.
     He accepts her apologies, and says that he is going to tell Paris of the news. Juliet tells her father that she saw him in the Friar Laurence's cell, and was very kind to him.Capulet is so pleased and he insists on moving the marriage up a day,to Wednesday.
     Juliet enters in her room with Nurse,who is helping her pick out her wedding clothes for the next day.She tells the Nurse that she wants to be left alone for the night, so that she can pray. Juliet's mother comes in and asks if they need any help.Juliet says “no”, and asks her to leave.They leave and Juliet is left in her room to contemplate her scheme.
    She worries that the potion will not work.She comes up with a plan,she will stab herself if the potion fails to work.Then, she wonders if the potion is really poison that the Friar gave her so that he could get out of the mess that he made by marrying her and Romeo.She drinks the potion and falls onto her bed.
Scene 4
       Capulet's wife and Nurse enter speaking about the wedding. Capulet enters and the Nurse tries to tell him to go and get some sleep. He refuses, and his wife and the Nurse leave. Capulet orders some servants to do some more setup for the wedding. He thinks he hears Paris arrive (according to the music that is playing, which Paris said he would bring). He calls the Nurse and orders her to awaken Juliet and prepare her for the wedding. Meanwhile, he will go and greet Paris. All exit.
Scene 5
     It is Wednesday morning.The Nurse enters Juliet's chamber to wake her up and she discovers, after many attempts to wake her, that Juliet is dead (supposedly). She calls Capulet and his wife to come and see. They enter and they all weep. The County Paris (with his musicians) and Friar Laurence soon enter to learn about the dreadful news. Everyone weeps and mourns for Juliet.The Nurse mourns:


"O woe! O woeful, woeful, woeful day!

Most lamentable day, most woeful day

That ever ever I did yet behold!

O day, O day, O day! O hateful day!

Never was seen so black a day as this.

O woeful day! O woeful day”


     The friar tries to calm everyone by saying that death is a part of nature and that now Juliet is in heaven. Capulet says that now his wedding plans have turned into funeral plans. The friar tells everyone to leave to go and prepare for the funeral. At the end of the scene, Peter and the musicians get into an argument over what music to play.


Comments (2)

Anonymous said

at 3:42 pm on Dec 26, 2008

Ooo Ooo Paris:D I think he is the most unfortunate person in the play.I feel badly about Paris.

Anonymous said

at 11:42 pm on Dec 28, 2008

paris, also mercutio is the unlucky person who i liked in the film.

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