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The mariner shoots the bird named albatross that guides the ship through the storm:


Why look'st thou so?-whit my cross-bow

I hot the albatross.


And ı had done a hellish thing

And it would work'em woe

For all avrrd ı had killed the bird

That made the breeze to blow!

Ah wretch! said they, the bird to slay

That made the breeze to blow!


The fog cleared out and they justify the same and thus makes themselves accomplices in the crime.


Nor dim nor red, like god's own head

THe glorious sun uprist:

Then all averred ı had killed the bird

That brought the fog and mist

Twas right, said hey, such birds to slay,

That bring the fog and mist.



The sea breeze stops and the ship becomes motionless in the sea. 


And the albatross begins to be avenged

Water water everywhere

And all the boards did shrink

Water water evrywhere

Nor any drop to drink.


And every tongue, through utter drought

Was withered at the root

We could not speak, no more than if

We had been chocked with soot.



By looking into the sea he sees water snakes.


O happy living things! no tongue

Their beauty might declare:

A spring of love gushed from myheart

And ı blessed them unaware:

Sure my kind saint took pity on me

And l blessed them unaware

The spell begins to break.

The self-same moment l could pray

And from my neck so free

The albatross fell off and sank

Like lead into the sea.



The ancient mariner earnestly entreateth the hernit to shrieve him; and the penance of life falls on him.


O shrieve m holy man!

The hermit crossed his brow

Say quick quoth he l bid thee say--

What manner of man art thou?



Through out his future life an agony constraineth him to travel from land to land.


Since than at an certain hour

That agony returns:

And till my ghastly tale is told

This heart within me burns.


l pass like night from land to land

l have strange power of speech

That moment that his face l see

l know the man that must hear me:

To him my tale l teach. 



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